Flattening the supply chain has increased profitability and earnings across numerous industries for 20 years.


The whole wine industry runs on terms and credit, starting with winemakers typically providing 120-180 days on payment, extending downwards through the supply chain. This creates what we call a "trust premium" that each middleman adds on - leaving the winemaker with only ~25% of the wine’s retail value.


Smart contracts enable us to strip out this ‘trust premium’, resulting in increased revenue for winemakers, and value for consumers.

Luxury wineries leave $75 billion + per year on the table

The industry has built epic brands, and enviable brand loyalty, but without direct access to consumers and supply chain data, luxury winemakers miss out on $75 billion annually.

Benefits for Wine Producers


Consumer engagement

Reach out directly to your customers

Loyalty programs

Turn wine enthusiasts into your brand ambassadors


Earn royalties on aftermarket trading


Consumer behavior data

Leverage consumption data to increase recurring sales


Supply chain visibility

Get data on where the bottles are and how they’re traded

Pull the Cork, Share the Wine

Tasting Tokens™ enable winemakers to see when, where, and with whom their wines are being enjoyed





Consumer Loyalty Pays Off

Tasting Tokens

Drive network effects by providing a fun and simple way for consumers to onboard their friends and family.

Improve DTC outreach by instantly notifying winemakers when a specific label and vintage is opened.

Help identify top collectors, see their relevant profile data, and better target the outreach.

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